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Garage Door Repair Services

Garage Door Repair

The benefits of garage doors are sometimes overlooked until they need to be repaired, despite the fact that they safeguard our valuables, aid in maintaining indoor temperatures in the winter, and enhance the appearance of our homes.

Garage Door Opener Repair

Your garage door may be blocked or obstructed. If so, there might be a problem with the openers. They are crucial components of an automatic garage door that make it operate smoothly when a remote or door switch is used.

Garage Door Spring Repair

At Liftime, we provide a Special Deal for the replacement of garage door torsion springs. Technicians who are trained and insured are experts in this sector and will fix your garage door correctly. If not handled properly, springs, bottom brackets, and cables (the counterbalance system) are under high tension and can result in serious injuries.

Garage Door Cable Repair

You should immediately cease using your door if a cable snaps or starts to do so. Call Liftime Ottawa as soon as you can if you discover frayed cables, odd noises, or simply feel that your door isn’t functioning properly.

Emergency Garage Door Repair

We recognise how crucial it is for you to have your garage doors fixed as soon as possible, particularly if they are stuck open and the interior is exposed. We take pride in our prompt service because it guarantees high-quality repairs, and we’ll go to your location as quickly as we can.

Aluminum Capping

Aluminum capping is an excellent solution for safeguarding your home against the elements while improving its visual appeal. This versatile material has gained immense popularity in construction and renovation due to its durability, low maintenance requirements, and aesthetic versatility.

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